Membership Terms

Membership Terms

The purpose of our association;

To examine and research Atatürk’s principles, reforms, his thinking system that is open to all kinds of innovations and capable of realizing a permanent revolution, the current results of his revolutions and their natural extensions to the future, his works and social behaviors, and to fight against the reactionary steps and currents that endanger them, within the framework of the law. .

In other words, the aim of the association; It is to bring together those who believe in Atatürk and Kemalism, to combine their strengths and energies, to provide enlightening and stimulating services in line with the dynamic nature of Atatürk’s revolutions and in order to protect the Turkish society from the efforts and attempts of counter-revolutionaries to turn back in the nation’s mentality.

In these works, the association made use of some made-up so-called syntheses, full of contradictions, created to wear down the Kemalist thinking in a devious way, and the corrupted so-called syntheses to idolize his mortal existence, as with attempts to achieve success in the society by making Atatürk’s name a shield for himself, even though he did not believe in Atatürk’s thought. It will also struggle with an understanding of Kemalism, revealing and defending the essence of Atatürk’s principles, mentality, philosophy and revolutions.

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