Ataturk’s Words

Ataturk’s Words

– There are two Mustafa Kemals: one is me, flesh and bone, the temporary Mustafa Kemal… The second Mustafa Kemal, I cannot express him with the word „me“; It’s not me, it’s us! It is an intellectual and warrior community that strives for a new idea, new life and great ideal in every corner of the country. I’m representing their dreams. My undertakings are for what they crave. That Mustafa Kemal is you, all of you. He is Mustafa Kemal who is not temporary, who must live and succeed!

– One of the nation’s lifeblood artless rest is cut off.

– A nation that does not paint, a nation that does not sculpt, a nation that does not do what technique requires, must admit that that nation has no place in the path of progress.

– You can be anything, but you cannot be an artist.

– The foundation of the Republic of Turkey is culture. – War is murder unless the life of a nation is in danger. The Republic of Turkey will do its best to preserve world peace.

– Peace at home, peace in the world.

– Everyone should understand that when we say we want peace, we mean full independence.

– Full independence is only possible with economic independence.

– In a country lacking freedom are death and collapse. The mother of all progress and salvation is freedom. 1906

– Our view, which is populism, is that the power, power, sovereignty and administration should be given directly to the people, should be kept in the hands of the people. 1920

– There is no lordship over the nation. There is service. The one who serve this country, become its master. 1921

Every farmer family must have land on which to live and work. It is on this basis that the homeland is solid foundation and flourishing. 1922

– The whole world should know that there is a support for me: the support of the Republic, the support of the intellectual and social revolution. At this point, in the new Turkish community, I don’t want to think of an individual outside of it. 1924

– When we say ignorant, we do not mean those who have not studied in school. The science we mean is knowing the truth. Otherwise, the greatest ignorant people can emerge from those who have read, and real scholars who see the truth can emerge from those who have never read.

– To be great, you will not compliment anyone, you will not deceive anyone. Whatever the real ideal is for the benefit of the nation and country; you will see it, you will walk towards that goal. Everyone will be against you, everyone will try to turn you from your path. But you will resist it. They will pile in front of you in endless obstacles. You will overcome these obstacles by counting yourself not big, small, weak, without tools and no help, believing that no one will help you. If they call you big from now on, you’ll laugh at those who say it.

– We do not need anything, we only need one thing; to be hardworking! 1923

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